I realized the other day when I watched the last-ever episode of Friends that it wrapped up in 2004… seven years ago. For SEVEN YEARS I’ve been watching Ross and Rachel debate about whether they really were on a break, Phoebe sing about smelly cats, Joey eat sandwiches and deliver his “How yoooo doin’?” and Chandler awkwardly roll from one awful relationship (read: Janice) to the next. I probably flip to a Friends episode almost once a day. I wonder how many times I’ve watched the one where Ross says the wrong name at his wedding… I don’t think I’d wanna know the answer.

There are a lot of shows I can watch repeatedly. I love The Cosby Show and Roseanne (and have several seasons of each on DVD). I’m a sucker for corny shows like Little House on the Prairie and 7th Heaven, and I never tire of Sex & the City (quite possibly the total opposite of the two aforementioned programs). Golden Girls is great too – I get nostalgic with all the South Florida references.

What shows can you watch over and over again?