My best friends got engaged yesterday- a surprise, out-of-the-blue proposal that gobsmacked my sweet Amanda (and made me love Ryan even more, if that’s possible). I haven’t stopped thinking about them since they called me while I was out downtown last night (and I screamed like a lunatic in the middle of St. Catherine Street, in case any of you were on the corner of St. Laurent around 7pm and heard excited “Oh my gawds!” and “Yipees!”). It’s such an incredibly special moment to know that there’s another person in the world who wants to promise to stay by your side forever. There’s something soothing and reassuring when you look down at your hand and see a ring shining back at you, a beautiful symbol of commitment and love.

An engagement is one of life’s greatest moments. And Ryan and Amanda are one of those special couples who deserves only the happiest of things!