1- Lines follow me wherever I go… somehow I always pick the slowest grocery store line where the person is buying 14 cases of soda and wants to pay for each one separately, and I get caught behind some bubby at the bank who can’t hear the teller and wants to cash a six-year-old check every time.

2- I love new office supplies. I love the sound of a notebook’s binding cracking when I first open it, or that fresh bright yellow swoosh of using a highlighter for the first time… does that make me weird?

3- My printer at home turns on all by itself. At 4am it will start warming up and yet none of the lights on the front of it are on (including the power light) – now what ghost is out there haunting printers? What a boring thing to haunt!

4- “Off The Map” is an awesome show and yet I never hear people talking about it. It’s so well done and the storylines are great!

5- I hate that feeling when you put on a pair of earrings for the first time in months and you have to actually kinda push the back of the earring through the back of the hole because it’s started to seal up… it makes this nauseating popping sound.