1- (Brought to you by my mom) Why do people ask “What was I going to say?” How are you supposed to know what someone was about to say unless you’re psychic?!

2- The only chips I eat are salt and vinegar and I refuse to eat the folded ones – if they’re folded the insides didn’t get sprayed with yummy s&v and therefore they taste like plain potato chips. Ick.

3- I used to have seven holes in my ears (four in one, three in the other), and even though I only wear earrings in the first hole I still have that stiff cartilage thingy in each of the unused holes. Does that ever go away?!

4- If you pay extra for really nice toilet paper it’s totally worth it. Charmin cashmere really is that soft!

5- There’s something about the “do doo dooooo!” that chimes when the metro leaves the station that makes me feel I’m about to embark on a magical ride… until the guy next to me sneezes on his hand and then grabs the pole, and I get snapped back into reality.