The fact that I have struggled with my weight will come as no surprise to any of my friends or family (or people on Facebook, Twitter, and the like)… they’ve had to listen to me tirelessly gripe about how difficult it is for me to gain weight (and keep the weight on). Growing up it didn’t help that I was always the tallest girl in the class, which only seemed to elongate my frame. There was a period during middle school where I couldn’t use the public washrooms without someone asking me if I had just gone in there to purge my lunch. After recently moving into our new house I found myself weeding through boxes of keepsakes from my school days and I started reading what people had written in my yearbooks… I was SHOCKED by the number of people who encouraged me to “gain some weight this summer” or “get some curves because you’re a beanpole.” Ouch!

I’ve learned to enjoy my speedy metabolism more as an adult… it’s not too shabby knowing I never have to count calories or feel inclined to jump into a fad diet. But the problem is, I’m still very “long,” and when I do decide that I want to fill out a little more, I have to work at it… A LOT. The same way people have to diet and really fight their cravings, I have to literally stuff my face nonstop until I feel sickly full constantly. It takes the enjoyment away from eating. Food becomes more of a chore. I will eat and eat and eat and maybe gain one measly pound, and then if I get lazy with maintaining, it’ll drop in an instant.

I’ve heard more times than not “I’d love to have your problem,” but would you say that to an overweight person who diets and exercises and can’t lose? No. Being too thin can be just as challenging as being too fat. Be careful what you wish for people. Forcing down thick weight-gainer shakes and a zillion pieces of peanut butter toast is not all that exciting (in fact, I have a complete Nutella aversion after overdosing on it during one of my gain-weight phases a few years back). And people who are underweight can be at risk for other associated health problems, just as those who are obese can be – osteoporosis, fertility issues, weakened immune system, and more. Please do not make light of my plight.

Thin is not always “in” people.

Thanks. Just wanted to put that out there. ;)